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Placement Guide is India’s No. 1 jobs and career website with over 45 million page views a month. We provide a vast range of career resources to students, institutions, headhunters and corporates. Since 1997, an estimated 5 lakh people have been recruited through Placement Guide. E-campus - the Online Campus Placement Zone on Placement Guide, is the only dedicated destination on the net in India where corporates can search for fresh talent by accessing the resume database of your students free of cost to them. Apart from a link to your website where prospective students and recruiters can learn more about your institute, E-campus offers your student's a unique opportunity to display their CV's and make them available to over 50,000 recruiters every month.

The E-Campus section on Placement Guide includes:

An exclusive service to provide summer and final campus placements.
Browse entry level / part time / freelance jobs on Placement Guide.
List your events - MDP's, seminar, festival, etc.
Admission deadlines for various courses / institutions.
Database of 800 management schools, 600 engineering colleges, 3000 computer training centres, and other education centres.
Scholarships for Indians.
Links to 300 US colleges and universities.
Emigrate from India.
Discussion forum, send your articles on E-campus, essay assistance services.

Features of E-Campus
Your student's resumes will be accessible from the front page of E-Campus.
Corporates can access the resume database of your students free of cost.

Your Microsite:
It is your own space where all the information on your institution, various courses / programmes, MDP's, faculty, admission details / deadlines, etc., are accessible to millions of browsers of Placement Guide. It is literally your website hosted on Placement Guide.

Advantages of E-Campus:
Visibility - E-Campus provides prominent branding to your institution once its hosted on a microsite within ECampus.
Reach - The most cost effective media to reach millions of people in India and abroad. Will enable the institution to get a better response for various courses / programmes, MDP's, placement, etc.
Brand equity - being seen on India's largest and premium career portal affords advantages to the institution and enhances its brand salience.
Campus placement - E-Campus makes your campus placement exercise easy and simple - at the click of a button. All you have to do is to place your placement brochure / resumes on your microsite* within E-Campus and a new world of opportunities opens for your students as their resumes are accessible to over 40000 corporates in India and abroad, thus increasing their chances of getting the 'right' first placement. E-Campus enables corporates to access resumes at their desktop. Our comprehensive search menu - enables them to select candidates on the basis of their specialization, location preference, etc. No need to go through tens of brochures and hundreds of resumes to find the right candidates.

Option I: Be a Featured Institute in E-campus
Your institute's name will appear in the E-campus section thereby enhancing your visibility to corporates and recruiters. Your student's resumes will be accessible from the search for fresher resume's from the Placement Guide home page and also from the front page of E-campus.
Price: Rs. 25,000 per annum

Option II:
Display your student's resumes on Placement Guide and allow free access to over 60,000 companies and headhunters.

Advantages of Resume Display:

Your students resume's will have global visibility and people interested in talking to you for a job will contact you.
Placement Consultants and companies can go through the profile and directly approach your student's for a job they feel is suitable for them. Their profile will be on our website for one year during which you can update it upto four times.
As a special offer for your institute, we would like to extend a group package to your students.
In lieu of our regular rate of Rs. 500 per CV uploaded on Placement Guide, we would like to offer you discounts as per the following
Upto 50 services taken - 25% discount
Upto 100 services taken - 30% discount
Over 100 services taken - 35% discount

Option III: Banner on HR Headlines
HR Headlines is our weekly e-zone that goes out to over 50,000 HR professionals mostly in India and some select recruiters overseas who have an interest in hiring from India. Your institute can take a banner on HR Headlines for Rs. 20,000/- per issue. For Rs. 35,000/- you can take a banner in two issues and for Rs. 45,000/- you get a banner in three issues.

Option IV: Special E-mailer to over 50,000 HR Managers
More powerful than a banner on HR Headlines is a special emailer about your institute that can be sent to the mailing list of HR Headlines. This dedicated emailer can talk about your institute in detail and carry links to your website. The cost of this exercise will be Rs. 50,000/- per email shot. In the past organisations targeting HR Managers have benefited greatly from our special emailers.

Benefits of tying up with Placement Guide:

India's first and largest career portal.
Over 6000 clients serviced in the last 5 years.
Over 60 million page views per month.
Estimated 15 lakh unique visitors every month.
Voted India's most popular job site by India Today, ORG-Marg, Business India, the Week and BestIndianSites.com.
India's only profit making dotcom.

For further information or clarifications please call the undersigned at the following numbers:
Email: abagla@Placement Guide
Phones: +91-33-25308077
Fax: +91-33-25304729

Resumes to be uploaded at your end in a set format (format to be provided by Placement Guide).
Microsite will be developed by the Institution.
Payment to be made by Kolkata cheque or demand draft favouring "Tirupati Infosys"

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