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       JobSeekers' General FAQs

  • Where do I begin?

    PlacementGuide aims to help individuals realize their potential and secure a job that they deserve.
    We are a platform that assists you to maximize your chances of achieving your dream job.
    Your talent is exposed to more than 900+ job placement agencies and consultants who are hunting for suitable candidates to fill-in their vacancies.
    Registration of your resume on our online database is for FREE.
    You can use your stored resume when you plan to use our Electronic Posting Service (EPS) to multiply your job chances.


  • Why do I need to register with placementguide.com?

    You need to register with Placementguide primarily to gain access to valuable jobs that meet your requirements.
    Being a member gives you a right to build your resume, to edit and update your resume as often as you like, to apply for specifically suited jobs, to store your job application history, to receive matching job mails, to keep your identity confidential (optional), to hide/display your resume to recruiters as per your requirements and much more for FREE.
    Click here for more info on membership benefits.


  • What are your charges?

    We do not charge you anything for putting up your resume on our website.
    We charge you a nominal fee of Rs.199/- for using our Electronic Posting Service (EPS), which posts your resume to 900+ Top-Class Placement Agencies & Companies and gives you an extra edge to reach out to otherwise unadvertised vacancies.


  • Is my resume confidential?

    We provide you with an option to make your resume confidential - you can hide your contact details and the name of the company you are presently working for. Your resume remains searchable and you will receive enquiries thru email.
    By default, your entire resume is viewable by all employers.
    Once you have found a suitable job, you can make your resume dormant and you will not receive any further enquiries from employers.

    However, you would be still able to access your placementguide account and won’t lose out on any of the membership benefits.


  • Do you sell or disclose my information to any Third Parties?

    No, we do not sell and disclose any of your information to any Third Parties.
    We display your resume to authentic, validated placement agencies & companies who are members of our service to enable you get a suitable job and further provide you with an option to keep your contact details confidential.


  • How long will my resume be on placementguide.com?

    Your resume will remain in our database for a period of 12 months from the time of your registration.
    We strongly advise you to update your resume regularly as new and freshly renewed resumes tend to get priority from the employers.


  • How do I update my resume and why should I?

    Log into your Placementguideaccount with your user details and go to Edit Information. Update/Modify the relevant form(s) and Save it/them.
    All updated resumes are tagged when we display search results to the recruiters. This increases your chances of catching employer’s attention and you may eventually land up with your dream job which otherwise may be an opportunity lost for good.


  • I have forgotten my username and password. What should I do?

    Go into Jobseeker’s section and click on Forgot Your Password. Submit your email address and your user details will be mailed to you immediately.
    In case, you have changed your email address, go to our Support Section and send us a mail with the your full name, your previous email address, complete address, postal code, telephone number and your new e-mail address.
    We will modify your email address and send your user details to the new email address you supplied to us.


  • How do I know if the vacancies online are still available?

    When the employer fills in the requirement form he specifies the time period of the specific job posting. Once that time period expires, that job posting expires automatically.
    All postings you see online are active.
    We do not store any expired job postings.


  • What happens to my application when I Apply Online?

    When you apply online your cover letter along with your resume is sent to the Employer.
    If you have no stored cover letters then you can create a new cover letter and have an option to store it in your cover letter folder.
    If your friend has forwarded a job posting to you and you are not a member, you are requested to create a user account and complete your resume before you can apply for the job. This is required to ascertain that you are a serious jobseeker.


  • How do I know if an employer has received my Resume when I Apply Online?

    Everything pertaining to your applications is stored in the Job Application History folder.
    Shortlisted Jobs contains jobs that you have shortlisted and wish to apply later.
    Unanswered Applications contains jobs that you have already applied to and haven’t received any response from the employers.
    Application Responses contains responses from the employers to your job applications.
    Rejected Applications contains jobs that employers have rejected for whatsoever reasons.


  • How do you select jobs when you send a job offer to my mailbox?

    Whenever a new job opening meets your job profile that you created on placementguide.com, we send you immediately a job mail intimating you of a plausible opening.
    This saves you a lot of time and effort and further puts you ahead of your competition if you act promptly and apply for the job.


  • Can you tell me which placement agencies and companies accessed my resume?

    No. For privacy reasons we cannot disclose any information. If the placement agencies and companies are interested in your job profile, they will contact you individually.


  • Why should I leave my resume on Placementguide once I've found a job?

    Career and experience are a learning curve. There is a progression.
    Once you have got a job, you can make your resume dormant so that you do not receive any enquiries from employers and still are able to update your resume periodically.
    When you are ready to apply afresh, make the resume active and you will start receiving job queries.


  • What should I use for key skills and why are they required?

    Key Skills are you USPs (Unique Selling Propositions). You get them right you have a job.
    Key Skills are specific words or phrases that encapsulate your career profile.
    Imagine yourself a recruiter and think what words you would use to find candidates matching your (you the jobseeker’s) requirements.
    Employ those KEY WORDS OR KEY PHRASES belonging to your JOB INDUSTRY that would come up in a search conducted by a recruiter.
    The more relevant words you use pertaining to your career, the more your job chances multiply.


  • I have more questions. Where should I address them?

    We have a Support Centre that takes care of all your queries. Click here to go to the Support Centre.


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