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        JobSeekers' Electronic Posting Service (EPS) FAQs

  • What is Placement Guide Service?

    Placement Guide is an Online Electronic Resume Distribution / Posting Service.
    Placement Guide service offers its candidates a facility to Instantly Electronically Post their Resumes / Bio-Datas / CVs to 900+ Top Placement Agencies and Companies in India who have subscribed and enrolled as members of our service.
    Click here for a list of our Members.


  • Who do you send my resume to?

    Your resume reaches 900+ Top-Class Placement Agencies and Companies in India who have subscribed and enrolled as members of our service.
    Click here to see a list of Placement Agencies and Companies to whom your resume is promoted.
    Our Membership List is verified and audited by approved auditors and we strictly distribute your resumes to our members only.
    Click here for Auditor's report.


  • Why should I use the Placement Guide Service?

    NO Postage Costs.
    NO Resume Photocopying Charges.
    NO Placement Agencies and Companies Research Work. We have done that for you.
    You get a Personal Online Resume Page.
    Instant Promotion of Your Resume to Multiple Qualified Employers. SAVES TIME.
    Nominal Charges of Rs.199/- for Your Better Future.
    Additional 12 Months Resume Insertion in our Active Proprietary Database.
    Auto-Response Informing You about Matching Job Vacancies.
    Easy Payment Options. Click here to learn about Payment Options.
    And many more Features.
    You should use Placement Guide Services to Multiply your Job Chances by Exposing Yourself to Unadvertised Jobs and Secure a Future You Deserve.

    And for the reason as the old saying goes: "Put your eggs in many baskets if you want to see them hatch".


  • How can I access Placement Guide service?

    Purchase a resume Promotion card from a cybercafe in your area. Click here to see cybercafes in your area (Put a hyperlink to cybercafe search form)
    Click here to Register your resume online
    Enter your complete resume information. Employers and recruiters require complete information to shortlist you for a job.
    You can Preview your resume by clicking on the “preview my resume” button.
    Once satisfied, click on the "Promote My Resume" icon.
    Enter the Promotion Serial No. and Promotion Code mentioned in the scratch area at the back of the Promotion Card.
    Click on the Ok Button.
    You will receive your completion report and user details in your mailbox.
    To Edit/Update your Resume Details, please login to the jobseekers area by entering your username and password. A copy of these details was also emailed to you when you created your account.
    If you are still not clear, Click here to go to the Support Centre


  • What are Promotion Code and Promotion Serial No?

    When you purchase a resume promotion card from a cybercafe you will notice a promotion code and promotion serial number behind the card. These are unique numbers that you need to enter in order to be able to promote your resume to 900+ A+ Placement Agencies & Companies.
    You can purchase a Promotion Card (Placement Guide Scratch Card) for Rs.199/- from any of the cybercafes in your vicinity.
    Click here to find cybercafes in your area offering Promotion Cards.


  • What are the methods of payment?

    Method 1 -
    Select a cybercafe in your area and purchase a promotion card for Rs.199/- from any of the listed outlets.
    Complete and Promote your Resume Online.
    To learn more about this feature click this link
    Method 2 -
    Mail us your Detailed Resume with a Bankers Draft / Demand Draft / Local Cheque (in case of Kolkata) for Rs.199/- in favour of “Placement Guide ” to the under-mentioned address:
    Placement Guide
    98 B.K. Paul Avenue
    Kolkata - 700005
    We will arrange to post your resume.

    For required details we have put up a form for you at: (quick form)
    http://www.Placement Guide.com/resumeform.asp

    We will post your resume for you. You will receive a completion report in your email address that you have provided us within 4 working days after the receipt of your resume.


  • What happens after I have promoted my resume?

    Once you promote your resume, your resume is electronically posted to 900+ Top Placement Agencies and Employers who are members of our service. Most of these Recruiters are engaged in locating right candidates that match their requirements. Upon finding the right match, Recruiters will get in touch with you either via email or telephone.


  • Do recruiters reply directly to me, or through you?

    Recruiters reply directly to you thru our system and you can also use our system to reply to our recruiter members.


  • What types of services do you offer?

    FREE Resume Registration – Does not include E-Posting to 900+ Placement Agencies & Companies
    Paid Resume Electronic Posting Service (EPS) to multiply your job chances and reach out to unadvertised openings.


  • How will I know that my resume has been posted to your 900+ Member Placement Agencies and Companies in India?

    If you have promoted your resume online using the Promotion Code, you will instantly get an email confirmation in the contact email address that you provided us.
    If you have posted a DD/Cheque with your resume then we will email you a completion report in your contact email id mentioned in your resume within 4 working days of receipt of your resume.
    You will also be able to preview your resume for which instructions will be emailed to you.


  • What types of results can I expect?

    Your results will vary depending primarily on your qualification, location, salary, expertise and other factors such as the Employer’s current requirements, experience sought, age preferred.
    The average recruiter engages 7-10 candidates a week. Placement Guide service multiplies your chances by exposing you to 900+ Placement Agencies and Companies x 7 to 10 Job Openings = 63,000 to 90,000+ Job Openings!!!
    Remember apart from your Promotion to more than 900 Recruiters your Resume is active for 12 months in daily searches conducted by our members, which is an additional bonus and multiplies your job chances.


  • What guarantee do you provide?

    Nobody can guarantee you a job. We can and do however multiply your job chances by electronically posting/distributing your resume and make it available for display to multiple qualified resources. By using Placement Guide Service you stand a better chance to secure a job as your resume is exposed to more than 900 direct and indirect employers responsible for employing lacs of jobseekers.
    We however state that if you do not receive any queries within one month of posting of your resume, we are willing to repost your updated resume Once again Free of Cost.


  • I still have more questions how can I contact you?

    Please click this link, choose a relevant topic and send your query to us.


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